The Client Strategist at Matte Black is someone who is knees-deep in online and offline marketing, with a deep interest in social media, content and campaign development, influencer marketing and cultural marketing trends, working in a ‘soup to nuts’ capacity. This person is a total self-starter, impeccable communicator (written and verbal), can manage their time (and others) efficiently, does not need to be told direction, and has confidence to boot.

They are one step ahead of the CEO, Director of Strategy and our clients at all times. They can lead a team, while strategically managing their time and others effectively.

As a start up, the company pace & environment is fast moving, very social, and highly creative. Not only deliver solid, consistent and faultless client support but also have the ability to accomplish and respond quickly to tasks and demands all while participating in a fun, exciting environment. Big thinking & big ideas is a critical component of this role.

This is someone who can contribute to the creative energy of the office and our clients; a networker, connector and idea generator, all driven by solid strategy and marketing insight.

The opportunity lies in the company: we want someone who is a team player, someone who can really contribute to it’s growth and success, and as such develop a larger roll for themselves in the company. This is for someone who wants a career not a job.



+Marketing/PR/Journalism/Social Media Degree

+Minimum 2-3 years digital marketing and social media experience; agency experience a plus

+Genuine interest in the mechanics of social media

+Lives for pop culture

+Great writing skills

+Great communication skills

+Ability to liaise direct with clients; strong understanding of client relations

+Interest in video & content development

+Must be organized

+Savvy with Mac products (Keynote, Pages, Microsoft Office, etc.)

+Basic knowledge of FBML, HTML

+Ability to multi-task

+Ability to work as a team, but also independently and self-directed

+Ability to manage a team efficiently and with concise yet direct guidance

+Outside of the box thinker

+Photoshop skills a plus


Sample Daily Tasks

+ Responsible for working with all clients to oversee the day-to-day deliverables and ensure quality control, creativity and strategy are upheld daily.

+ Responsible for Community Managers: lead a small team of 2-3 community managers to ensure daily content, community growth and strategy are executed daily and in line with client goals and asks.

Support the implementation of the social media, content & campaign strategies for Company alongside Director of Strategy and Content Manager, for all clients, while coordinating with CEO to ensure its effectiveness and encouraging audience growth and with support of the marketing team to execute.

+ Client relations lead: involved in all client and new business meetings, delivering insightful ideas, representing Company practices & services and ensuring one step ahead of clients (and potential clients) at all times; Takes initiative on client management: scheduling calls, liaising with clients via email, leading meetings, etc

+ Client entertainment lead: take key clients out to dinner, send gifts, general show of affection and thanks for business

+ Effective team lead to ensure execution of projects and clients: manage support team to ensure delivery & execution of key strategies and campaigns on a daily basis; ensure teams are on schedule, content is developed & delivered on time, and all initiatives are maximized to their fullest potential; takes on role as project manager to ensure efficiency & execution to Company standards.

+ Attend weekly team meetings with high level of contribution & organization.

+ Oversee development and delivery of all client monthly reports, with support of marketing team. Important to understand insights gained from social media monitoring and integrate into reports, helping to evolve their strategies in a timely fashion. Ability to speak with knowledge on reports with all clients.

+ Develop tactical plans and timelines in line with client strategies, in conjunction with Director of Strategy + Culture; ensure timelines + tactics are executed daily

+ Collaborate with internal teams + colleagues on campaign development and execution across all client platforms; drive new campaign concepts and deliver ideas to clients.

+ Report internally to team and externally to client on performance, results and campaign and/or social media challenges, as well as present new opportunities and ideas

+ Handle customer services / client issues and resolution, along with acting as primary lead on most client communication

+ Creative ideation of content (video, photo & social) for Company and clients on a daily basis, in conjunction with Content Manager; strong understanding for content distribution trends, how people are consuming & engaging with content.

+ Acts as consultant to CEO on a daily basis, delivering ideas & big thinking for client and Company growth and development; provide strategic advice on new verticals and opportunities; Responsible for obtaining and evaluating information about industry and market trends, competitive threats and possible business opportunities. 

+ Contribute to the development & refinement of Company’s vision & strategy

+ Comes to the table with big ideas & outside of the box thinking for all clients, and prospective clients; this entails market research in key brand categories, keeping up to date on all relevant marketing & social media trends, and analyzing successful brand campaigns.

+ Monitor trends in social media tools, digital trends and applications, and ensure team is well informed.

+ Constant development of trend and research driven offline and online tactics & strategies for clients; liaise with team and CEO on content, design and delivery of Shape/Shift report each month.

+ Become an advocate of the Company in online and offline; social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and eloquently representing Company services and projects.

if you think you are the person for this job, please send your resume and a brief description as to why we should hire you to

Salary: DOE; Full Time

Vacation: We operate on an open vacation policy.

Bonus Package: Bonuses are paid out annually based on employee and company performance. Bonuses are issued based on a rise of performance of work and are taxable. Bonuses are issued on/around Dec 31 annually, and not guaranteed. Bonus payments will range from one week to one months salary.

Commissions: Commissions are paid out on any new business brought into the company by the employee, and are paid out on 10% of total project fee or one-months value of retainer. Commissions are paid out 30 days after receipt of initial paid invoice.


·      Health care: health, dental & vision; offered after 3 months of employment.

·      Company cell phone (expensed monthly)

·      Expense account within monthly budget; credit card provided

·      Gas reimbursement as relevant

·      Travel expenses covered: flight, accommodations & meals/expenses