Brand—Marketing Agency

In line with Back to School, we brought a partnership to life between two cult-loved brands, aimed at creating a strategic, kid-delicious brand collision, social impressions with Millennial Moms, product exclusivity and donations for a national charity.


We aligned our client Juice Served Here with AKID - a leading footwear brand for kids - to create an exclusive range of three healthy, kid friendly (and sized) juices, perfect for that packed lunch or after school snack.



It all starts with packaging, and we knew these labels had to pop. Never before had a print been introduced on any product labels for the juice brand, so we collaborated with AKID on introducing three of their best-loved prints to these bottles.

We then explored a kid-friendly bottle size, introducing a smaller 5oz bottle to the shelves. 



Our partnership spanned digital, influencer and in-store experience, all with a social impact narrative. A portion of all sales from this limited run juice (only on shelves for one month), went to benefit Alliance of Moms, an auxiliary for children's rights.