To the support their biggest product launch of the year, we built out a global, tiered influencer program that spawned digital, web and video to amplify the campaign story. By tapping into the passions of makers and foodies alike, we were able to curate a batch of global tastemakers to co-create content using their own aesthetic, while authentically integrating the product into their own lives.


All of this incredible content was then populated into the campaign microsite, capturing the #MiniMoments that the product inspired. The influencer content generated over 100,000 clicks back to the site, and created more than 3 billion impressions for the brand across web and social.  



To celebrate the campaign wrap, we produced an intimate dinner in New York, curating a menu developed solely on the use of the mini mixer with each dish. By integrating the various product attachments into the dining experience, we were able to illustrate the many capabilities of the Artisan Mini, and continue to drive the messaging off social.