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the ad council 

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The Ad Council is working to put an end to underage drunk driving, so when they came to us to create content to communicate this message across Instagram and Tumblr, it was time to dig in and get back in touch with the #youth.



To drive as many eyeballs to the campaign website as possible, with the bonus of garnering user generated submissions into the excuse generator, a digital tool which provided teens with a quick-grab excuse as to why they can't ride with someone who consumed some booze.


Using a variety of content mediums, both moving and still, and framed within a house party (when parents are away, the kids will play, eh?), we wrapped the narrative of not driving and driving inside the typed of content teens respond to the most: fail videos. 

Since the launch of the campaign, we drove more than 175,000 clicks back to the Ultimate Party Foul microsite, and have generated over 1,200 community contributions to the Excuses Generator. 

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