The Crew

We're fun, swear.



Chelsea Matthews

Digger of the internet. Divine interest in design: from graphic to interior to set. Cactus lover. Insert wine emoji here.



Aria Davis

Proud book club founder. Mother of a few happy house plants. Always down for brunch. Find me under the disco ball.


managing Director

Micah Heykoop

Designated wifi fixer and beer runner for Matte Black.


Managing Editor of the Shape/Shift Report

Gaelan Simpson

Pure, unfiltered Canadian. Del Taco ambassador. Religious flower purchaser. Content unit. Sips rosé in bed.


project manager

Jonathan Godinho

Cinephile. Aspiring sommelier. Dog Dad Afternoon. Always oscillating between world traveler and couch potato. Content with being both.


graphic designer

Ariel Irby

Somewhere between street and your grandma’s closet. A million unfinished personal projects. Purveyor of all things beautiful. Cookbook coming soon.



Jesse Ligo Ginsberg

North Carolina native. Design junkie. Creative visualist and bonafide adventurer.  I take Tequila with a lime.



Nolan Goff

Resident storyteller. Texan. Opinionated. Future Survivor castaway.



Integrated Marketing Manager

Chase Colman

Nature junkie. Dog lover without a dog. Plant mom. Permanent fiancé. Committed groupie. Can’t eat anything, will eat everything.



Candid Program Manager

Liz Burton

Boston born and bred. Sunshine enthusiast. Perpetually redesigning my apartment. Sucker for a wellness trend. Aspiring to cook like Ariel.


Studio Manager

James Royce 

Pretty good at the whole “writing words” thing. Don’t really flaunt that though because any goof can put a pen on paper. Decent hair. Surfing in the mornings. Radiating nervous energy in the evenings.


Art director, content

Alex Tan

Midwest blood. Photo maker. Twitter junkie. Resident slang interpreter. Typically dehydrated but never thirsty. Keeping the lights on at Taco Bell. 


business Development Manager

Emilia Davis

Made in Sweden. First thing in the morning: daily horoscope. Soft spot: dogs and babies - yup! Always: pitching.